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Languages for Future Updates


Would like to nominate the following languages for your next updates

  1. Afrikaans
  2. Bengali
  3. Finnish
  4. Irish
  5. Maori
  6. Mongolian
  7. Swahili

Add new languages [ Persian , Kurdish ]
Add Ukrainian language?
Estonian language
Adding Finnish to languages
Add Ukrainian? To drops? 🤗
Catalan please!
About the Languages category
Drops going to add Romanian?
Request to PLEASE add 🇦🇲 Lebanese Armenian 🇦🇲 Language
Language Suggestions
Gothic Language

Yes, seconding Afrikaans, Irish, Maori, and Swahili especially! But would love if you added them all…especially Afrikaans, thanks :wink:


Hey All,

Thanks for playing Drops and suggest us more languages to add!

We just released Hawaiian, and we definitely consider growing the list of available languages, but it’s not in our immediate plans to add a new language just now. All the requests are noted though, so when the time comes, we know what could make our users happy! :slight_smile:


@ The Drops Support Team


I was hoping to find Greek on Drops. Please consider adding Greek.

Yes, please add Africaans.



Me too.Add Greek and I will pay
all languages!


I’d like it when you add Finnish. I’m going to study abroad at Finland and like to learn some things before going there

pinned #7


Another vote for Greek!


Hi @Aram_Nabi_Nezhad,

Thanks for playing Drops and offering your help! We do not have Persian and Kurdish in our immediate plans, but hopefully we’ll get there in the near future!


@ The Drops Support Team


I would love to see estonian here. This app is so awesome but right now I don’t really have enough money to spend on premium. But if there was estonian, I would buy it for a year at the speed of light! :smile:

Cebuano Request

It would be lovely, to be able to learn finnish with the help of drops :slight_smile: I’m waiting for it impatiently :wink:




I second the Ukrainian language request.


I’m glad to see all the others requesting Greek. I’d also like Greek since your platform is great for learning languages with new alphabets.


I would love to see Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian as a language. There’s so many recipes I want to try, but I can’t really read them. And the languages are fairly mutually intelligible.



What about romanian?


Please consider adding Aramaic. It’s a beautiful historic language. It was once the lingua Franca of the Middle East. It was the language Jesus spoke as his native language. So it has a significant historical and religious purpose. The main dialect stilll spoken today is Syriac. However, the language is in danger of dying off since the last generation or two of speakers are affected by the war zones in the few places the language is still spoken (like a few remote villages in Syria). Listen to some YouTube clips of Aramaic music to see the beauty of the language. We can’t let it die.


Seconding Persian as something I wish for in the future, however distant.

My request, which I haven’t seen in this thread yet and would eliminate my need to use A Certain Other App for vocabulary memorization, is that I’d really like Welsh. Hard to find resources for at times, but it is a favorite language of mine to study up on. :slightly_smiling_face:


Seconding Irish and Finnish. And especially waiting for Bulgarian and Czech, need them very much.