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Reset progress for a language


I’ve dabled in a few languages as I didn’t have a strict study method. However, now I’d like to reset a language back to “0” words learned so that I can learn them properly alongside my other study programs. This would be helpful especially if you’ve forgotten the words from before because you would be able to benefit f on the initial repetition. I also think it would be more of a hassle to go to the word list and try to learn them from there because there would be little interaction or reinforcement.


Hi Cristofer,

Currently, you can delete your entire progress by deleting the app and installing it again. It only works if you have not synced your progress (have not been logged in to Drops with Email, Facebook or Google) yet.

We constantly work hard on improving the app, and this feature request of deleting progress more easily, is definitely on our radar. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:


@ The Drops Support Team


That’s the thing. I have logged in with an email or Facebook. It would be nice to have the option of completely wiping a language even AFTER we have synced with email or Facebook.


Yes, @TitusLee we are aware of the need of resetting your progress of a selected language, and we work on a solution.

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Please Please Please make this happen!!!


My wife and I both have the polyglot plan and love the app, this is the 1 thing we would change about it. We’d love a reset feature both for all progress and for just specific languages.


Good afternoon. I bought an annual subscription to your course “Drops”, what was my surprise when I did not see the program button" repeat material “or just at least access to the material that I passed, but there is no access, and once the material is rubbed on always, I want to ask” Are you serious???". The problem was known more than 2 months ago, and what we see 2 months later, in fact, not the working rate as 2 months ago, the rate of subscription to which costs 45 dollars in essence does not work, because the consolidation of the material is necessary more than once. But the most important thing is that it can be checked only by subscribing to the program.


Hi @Alex_Orlenko,

Thank you for playing Drops, and sending us feedback!

The learnt words are listed in the Word Collection, which is available for our Premium users.

And it’s been more than 2 months that we’ve been working on a feature to reset your progress / practice a topic more than once, indeed. We’re sorry it takes a long while, but please, stay tuned!

Keep learning new words, and let us know if there’s anything else you would suggest us to improve on!


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For easier learning it should be possible to practice topics more than one times. Just to learn the kyrillic alphabet, it is not possible in only one session! Of course, if you switch letters you will never learn it! I can’t go further if I can’t repeat lessons. I wanna get the money back if this doesn’t work soon!


I believe I would benefit greatly from being able to reset a language and/or a topic from a language to zero words learned. Please do add this feature in the future.


I’m not Drops admin, but you’ve always been able to repeat certain lessons. The lessons don’t disappear - they just go to the back of the line. Even when I had the free version, this was possible.

Now you can reset lessons too. It’s a new feature that only came out in the last few days, so I’m not sure if it’s only available for premium or not, but it’s at the bottom of the Collection page.


That is right @Catricia , now you can reset the progress of a topic in the Word Collection. It is currently available to our Premium users only.


Hello! I bought your program (for the time being one month) to learn Polish, and have already moved on to the second section. I noticed that not all words are present in this version of the program. And the figures also jump, not all. Is there a full version of this program? Thank!


Hi @George8,

Thanks for playing Drops!

Please, tell us more details (with screenshots, if possible) about your experience, so we can understand better what is happening exactly, and assist you further!


@ The Drops Support Team


Resetting progress would be a great addition. Look forward to seeing this implemented. Just purchased the lifetime package :heart_eyes:



Yo can reset each topic if you want, at the bottom of your vocabulary you find the reset button, you must reset each one topic you want to practice again. It’s able to people who logged in with Facebook (I did it).

I have the premium everlast plan.